Dunkin’ Donuts Cutting Its Name Short

Dunkin’ Donuts, a brand known globally, is planning to cut its name short that signwriters in Brisbane are quite surprised by the company’s decision. The company is well known for doughnuts, coffee and different pastries for sale. The news all started with a speculation when several of its location all around the country started using sign ages without the word Donuts.

The first shops to change its name to Dunkin’ are the ones located in Pasadena, California and Boston, Massachusetts which was last summer. If there are still doubts during that time regarding the company changing name, there is no doubt left now because 30 more stores that are located all over Boston have been seen using only logos with the word Dunkin’ on it.

The company is originally from Massachusetts and it is only right that the name changing start near its home turf. The most recent shop to change its name is the one in New York with the address between 51st and 8th street.

A number of locations all over United States under Dunkin’ Donuts have also been seen to use only the brand name Dunkin’. According to a representative from the company, they are not yet planning on making a concrete decision as they are waiting before the end of this year to decide on their branding.

Business Insider reports that the name change is only the beginning of a bigger rebranding plan by the company. There were also reports that the stores’ designs are revamping while more options of drinks are to be introduced such as nitro-infused cold brew. The company is also going to install digital kiosks in order to make their store operations more efficient. According to the same report, 30 of the stores located in Boston will be undergoing rebranding before the year ends while 20 more outposts all over the country will be rebranded as well.

It is evident that the company will no longer focus on doughnuts alone though customers will still get their fill of the sweet pastry. There are changes though and sign writers in Brisbane believe that the signs alone are proof to the new path the company is taking.