Electric Bikes As The Future Of Motorcycles

In the 1970’s Japan competed with American motorcycle manufacturers by bringing more efficient, more reliable and less expensive motorcycles to the North American market and the rest of the world. For the past two decades, Kawasaki Ninja and other Japanese brands have enjoyed extraordinary success. Most dealers that offered Kawasaki motorcycles for sale gained instant success.

Japan is certainly a fascinating example of innovation in transportation. It has out-competed the United States in the manufacture of cars and motorcycles and has achieved extraordinary success in racing circuits for 2-wheels and 4-wheels. However, major manufacturers have focused on hydrogen instead of battery electric vehicles.

In the automotive sector, Honda Clarity and Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are still available for people in a couple of markets. However, in the motorcycle sector, Honda is attempting to do the impossible with hydrogen for the two-wheelers. It is only Yamaha that has made a commitment to battery-electric 2-wheelers. They have had 25 years of experience with electric models in the US, a decade of electric scoters and competition trials motorcycles.

Meanwhile, aside from Yamaha, other companies are starting to realize that the way to commercial electric 2-wheeled vehicles is the battery. It is very likely that Honda is the most successful in terms of personal transportation companies because the Honda Club scooter has been in continuous production since 1958, exceeding 100 million units manufactured in 2017. It is the most produced motorized vehicle in the world.

In 2018, Honda has started to release its electric 2-wheelers – iconic club and the more modern PCX scooter. The removable battery options are available in Asia. On the other hand, Kawasaki has taken a different route in spite of the long history of winning races and pleasing customers. Kawasaki is finally joining the fray with a product that supports the theory that the future of motorcycles is the electric bikes.

If you are looking for pure power, there are Kawasaki motorcycles for sale that can be considered as a class of its own because its great features, engineering excellence and unsurpassed performance. A full Kawasaki road bike range is also available including demonstrator bikes.