Electronic Arts Struggling After The Unexpected Popularity Of Fortnite

Electronic Arts Inc. admitted that the company decided to delay the launch of their latest video game version of Battlefield because of the struggles they have to overcome since Fortnite became such a big hit in the market. While there are many options to buy games for cheap, gamers are flocking to Fortnite which challenged the established companies in the video game making industry.

As a result, EA said that the new Battlefield V is now going to be released four weeks later than the originally announced launching date. Gamers can expect to play Battlefield V by November 20. Another big announcement from the company is its decision to cut the fiscal year until March of this year only.

After the news was publicized, the shares of the company declined by 8.7 per cent. It is the lowest it has been since January of 2016. Battlefield is a shooter game with the perspective of the first shooter. Many are playing the game because the combat scenes look very realistic and it is also one of the top franchises of the company.

According to Blake Jorgensen, the chief financial officer of EA, the delayed launching of the Battlefield V is the reason why they have decided to cut the fiscal year in order for the timeline to be in sync. There are also factors they have considered before making the decision such as the continued effect of the exchange rate concerning foreign currencies and the current state of the company’s mobile venture.

This is not the first time in a few months that the company has been faced with setbacks. Last month’s estimated earning by Wall Street was not surpassed by the company which resulted to decline in the shares. Another challenge is the resignation of Patrick Soderlund, the person in charge of the game development studios of EA all over the globe, because he is pursuing other life adventures.

Despite the fact that gamers can buy games for cheap, EA is still hopeful as their loyal gamers are still tuning in for their upcoming releases and news.