Even Presidents Need A Vacation Away From The Public Eye

The workload of US presidents hardly gives them enough time to relax and lower their stress levels. However, some of the former presidents of the United States have managed to steal a few hours from their heavy workload to enjoy a brief vacation. In August 23, 1993, former President Bill Clinton was photographed waving from the top of cruise boat Relamar with Jackie Onassis and some Kennedy family members.

In July 2, 2007, then-President George W. Bush and his father another former president were caught on camera while looking at President Vladimir Putin. The Russian president was displaying his catch during a fishing outing onboard the boat Team Fountain Mercury. Many past presidents may not have experienced a sailing vacation during their term but they have revelled in some form of recreation and managed to get away from the public eye.

According to Doris Kearns, a Pulitzer winner who wrote the biographies of Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson, the ability of a president to relax and replenish his energies is one of the qualities of a good leadership. Former President Obama had the ability to get away from the public and press so that he will have some time to think and read.

However, presidential vacations like Obama’s Hawaiian retreat became the subject of controversy because of the assumption that he has left his responsibilities behind. However, presidents carry the burden of their position even on vacation. They simply work in a venue that is not the White House.

President Eisenhower believed that presidents are paid to make decisions but to be able to make a good call requires the right frame of mind. This can only be achieved when fully rested and relaxed. Most of the time, presidents are not alone when making the big decisions but the president is always the biggest loser when people do not like the call.

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