Fake ID Used To Trick KFC Staff For 1-Year Free Food

Buying Fake IDs through the internet is fairly common among students who are below the legal age to enter bars and clubs. For the students, a fake ID is just some form of fun because it allows them to purchase liquor and cigarettes. It is very rare for students to use the fake ID to commit a crime because the makers specifically caution them not to break the law.

The possibility of eating free food particularly from KFC for a year is interesting but not when you will be arrested for the crime. Everybody loves free food and a 27-year old student from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa was able to enjoy free food from KFC every day.

According to India Today, the student tricked employees at a fast food chain by using a fake ID to provide him with free KFC for a year. The student said that he was sent by the head office of KFC to inspect the quality of food being served in the restaurant. A member of the staff said that the student was able to pull off the trick because he would arrive at different restaurants riding a limo and would walk with absolute confidence. The limo is being driven a friend who is also a part-time driver.

The staff tried to act the best they could because they do not want to piss off the man from the head office. He would rush in to the restaurant, proceed to the kitchen and check everything. He would take notes and ask for samples of food. It is very likely that the man used to work for KFC because he knows the procedures.

When the story was shared on social media, he was praised for being a genius, a hero and a legend because he was able to dupe staffs for so long. However, good things have to come to an end.

There are many makers of Fake IDs but most of them are not trustworthy. There are top quality fakes that you can buy with confidence. There are also reseller programs for those who want some additional earnings.