Five Cities Battling To Host the 2024 Olympic Games

There are five cities contending to host the 2024 Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee announced that Rome, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Paris and Budapest will compete to run the stage of the biggest sporting event in the entire planet. The winner in the bid will be announced in September 2017 in Lima, Peru after voting in the IOC conference.

There has been a recent change in the regulation in that every bidding city will make it to the shortlist with the 100 IOC members voting for who will be victorious. The President of IOC, Thomas Bach, said that he was happy to announce the five outstanding and definitely highly qualified potential hosts of the 2024 Olympics. The new Olympic Agenda 2020 has helped shaped the candidature process and it was more like an invitation and the cities have each responded positively by engaging with IOC through cooperation and dialogue. In the new invitation process, the IOC learned that the candidates are embracing the Olympic Agenda 2020 from their different vision for the future of their beloved city. Among the cornerstones of each of the candidates are legacy and sustainability. The announcement has now triggered a race to stage the worldwide event which is the next installment after Rio next year. The IOC meanwhile said that it will contribute a total of $1.7 billion in cash and in kind to the committee of the winning city.

Los Angeles

LA replaced Boston after the latter failed to attract support from its local residents. Los Angeles has already hosted the Games twice.


The city also dubbed as the “Eternal City” has hosted the Olympic Games once in 1960. It had been one of the contenders to host the 2020 Games but withdrew because of the economic difficulties experienced by the country.


This French capital was a front runner in the race to win the 2012 Olympic Games but sadly lost the coveted win to London.


Budapest is Hungary’s capital and should it be successful in its bid for the 2024 Olympic Games, it will be the second time that the Games will be held in Eastern Europe after being held in Moscow in 1980.