Glass Recycling Foundation Founded To Help With Glass Programs Across The US

The Glass Recycling Foundation was recently found, a non-profit foundation focused on funding and aiding glass recycling initiatives. Found on April 16, the NPO is aimed at providing and raising funds for localized and targeted assistance, pilot, demonstration and projects in the US’s glass recycling supply chain, including junk removal Orange County, among others.

GRF Board President Lynn Bragg says that glass bottles and containers are endlessly recyclable, and the GRF aims to help communities recycle more glass, and of higher quality.

Its board members come from different organizations and companies in the recycling industry, like Diageo, Northeast Recycling Council, the Recycling Partnership, as well as even the California State University, among others.

GRF will be working with the Glass Recycling Coalition (GRC), which is made up of about 40 members from the glass recycling value industry, covering materials recovery infrastructure, glass recycling, end markets and brands, as well as local government organizations. GRC has been working on promoting the best practices in the glass recycling industry, covering processing, collection and collaboration, as well as focusing on opportunities to improve the glass recycling industry on the local level, and the GRF has stated that they’ll support the efforts for scalable projects.

According to an organization statement issued via GRF Executive Board Member, Strategic Materials, Inc. Board Member Laura Hennemann, says that the non-profit organization will work towards bringing much-needed investments to the glass recycling industry, as well as partnering with other, similar organizations to take advantage of any opportunity to improve glass recycling into a high-quality and convenient service that can be integrated into customers’ daily routines.

GRF hopes to improve the availability of cullets, the industry terms used to refer to furnace-ready recycled glass that can then be used in the creation of new glass products, as well as fiberglass. According to the GRF:

  • 81% of the US’s recycling programs have glass collection options for consumers that junk removal Orange County and across the country deal with.
  • Many recyclables are reliant on export markets, but recycled glass stands out due to the fact that its end market is primarily domestic.
  • The recycling of glass helps the US’s glass container and fiberglass manufacturing plants stay competitive and protect the employment that they provide.
  • According to a study conducted by the Glass Recycling Coalition back in 2018, 93% consumers and residents expect that they should be able to glass containers.