GLS Announces Partnership With NAS To Maintain Air Cargo Operations

Global Logistics Services Inc. (GLS) has recently announced a partnership with National Aviation Services (NAS), the fasted aviation service provider in emerging markets to create GLS-NAS Inc, a joint venture company. NAS will contribute its expertise in international cargo handling while GLS will maintain local logistics and support.

In the partnership, NAS JV will manage the 25-year air cargo operations concession that was awarded to GLS by the government of Liberia. JV will provide support to the human and operating capacity development in the aviation sector to help boost the air cargo supply capabilities of Liberia. Under the terms of agreement, GLS-NAS will design, finance, build, maintain, operate and transfer a new and modern cargo facility at the Roberts International Airport in Monrovia.

A new cargo facility will improve air cargo operations of the airport to be able to meet international standards and support export supply chain capacity of Liberia. The new storage facility will have a ground area of about 2,700 square miles. The cargo facility will also be expanded to handle more than 8,500 metric tons every year. This is almost a triple of the present cargo throughput and five times that of its existing capacity.

Aside from the capability of handling all types of cargo under the International Air Transport Association scope, there will be improvements to equipment and upgrades to current operating systems and capacity. The Roberts International Airport serves seven airlines at present but with the development of a new facility under NAS-GLS JV, it will improve trade barriers and boost Liberia’s potential to become a hub in the Mano River sub region.

The facility will also provide the much needed infrastructure that will enhance the airport’s cargo supply chain operations. Once the facility is completed by 2019, it will be able to handle special cargo that includes perishables, pharmaceuticals, valuable goods, minerals and hazardous materials.

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