Google Temporarily Closed Local Reviews For Changes

With the increasing volume of e-commerce across the world, online reviews have become more and more important; a single king kong marketing agency review carries a lot of weight. On the internet, Google is one of the biggest names on the playing field, so people tend to notice whenever they’re up to something.

Earlier in March 2020, the tech giant suddenly disabled local review functionalities on its platforms, both for customers and for business owners. Google reviews are powerful for advertising, and pretty ubiquitous, so when the tech giant made this move with no prior warnings or announcements, people took note.

The issue was flagged late in March 2020, with SEO specialists being the ones to report the matter. Reportedly, review responses that people post don’t go up instantly like they should’ve. Further tests that the local reviews were disabled for a while.

Digital media outlets and SEO experts immediately asked Google for a statement on the matter, with the tech giant only saying that new reviews, review replies, and new Q&A were unavailable for a time. Notably, Google had started implementing new guidelines for online reviews to account for the COVID-19 global climate.

The tech giant published a set of guidelines for local businesses, so they could properly inform customers of changes made to account for COVID-19, which came with a link that allows business owners to edit and update information. It later received an update in August, alongside some changes in Google Local Listing Reviews, which had more in-depth inquiries and processing for reviews.

SEO experts say that these changes are so that local businesses get proper reviews. A single king kong marketing agency review can do much for the relevant organizations, so Google’s changes would ensure that businesses don’t get flagged with negative press due to having to make adjustments for COVID-19.

Notably, the popular online review platform, Yelp announced that they’d be making changes to their online review guidelines, around the same time Google’s local reviews went down. Yelp stated that it would not let any reviews have claims of contracting coronavirus from businesses or their employees, or any reviews that are negative simply due to a business having adjusted operational hours due to COVID.