How Georgia Can Restore Its Leadership In Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is often referred to as preschool, pre-kindergarten, day care, nursery school or early education but no matter how it is called, what is important is the preparation it provides to children through their transition to kindergarten. Sending a preschool age child to Star Bright Montessori can make an impact and provide a head start towards a better future.

Georgia used to be one of the leaders in early childhood education because of its pre-K pilot program in 1992. It was the first voluntary, universal and lottery-funded program to serve over one million children. However, there are signs that Georgia’s status as a leader in early childhood education is slipping.

A report revealed that enrollment in Georgia’s pre-K program has stayed the same as well as funding for the 2017-2018 school year. US News and World Report rank Georgia 31st in the US in pre-K to 12th grade education. Decline in the quality of childhood education could have a serious effect on children and their families. Georgia must find ways to restore and improve early childhood education programs.

A surprising number of young children in Georgia struggle with basic skills that are necessary to perform well in school. In 2017, almost two-thirds of 3rd graders failed in the English sections of Georgia Milestone tests. The results of the tests reveal that 1 in 6 students cannot read proficiently during their 3rd grade and will not graduate high school on time.

The situation is far from hopeless because Georgia can still fix the issue by investing in early childhood education. According to a report from The Learning Policy Institute, children who attend preschool are more likely to be prepared for school and less likely to repeat a grade in elementary school. Pre-K can produce long term improvements and teach children how to behave properly and interact in a classroom setting.

It is important for children to invest in pre-school education provided by Star Bright Montessori because the children are well cared for. They learn the basic skills that are important to succeed in the elementary grades. Children ages 2 to 6 are accepted in the preschool programs.