How Illustrations Are Made For Children’s Books

Skilled artists can create impressive illustrations for children’s books to make them more interesting, fun, and captivating. The most successful illustrations of all time differ widely from each other but there are certain similarities that make them great and memorable.

The first thing that an artist does when creating illustrations for children’s books is to have an idea of how the illustrations should look. Should they be cartoony, bold, bright, beautiful, delicate, or a bit scary? The illustrations must complement the author’s style of writing and the message that the book wants to deliver.

Different styles can also suit a story but sweet colour illustrations won’t work well for a book about monster trucks. Most styles can match the quality of the story by making slight variations on the same cartoon to make it cute, shocking, goofy, or funny.

Another important thing to take into account is the age of the children who will be reading the book. A children’s book for toddlers is certainly different for a 10-year old. However, children grow rapidly in their ability to understand a book and they usually appreciate changes.

Although there are illustrations that can work well for different age groups, the important thing to consider is whether the child will like and understand the drawings. Toddlers won’t appreciate illustrations that are too abstract while older kids won’t be too happy with something babyish.

Small and simple illustrations will add some fun to a page with text. The illustration usually occupies one-fourth of the page or less. The ideal place for small illustrations is the chapter heading, corner decoration, or next to or within a body of text.

Half-page illustrations are usually more detailed but the background must be less detailed than the full-page illustration. A whole page illustration has no limitations as to details but a little space can be left for text.

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