How Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan Can Help You Start A Food Business

Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan owns a restaurant business in Caracas. In fact, his restaurant is recognized as one of the best in the city. Mr. Dellan is also a prominent figure in his hometown, although he now is based in London. He has even foreseen that the best fast food chains will open in Europe, the Latin America and perhaps the world over. So, if you want to start a similar restaurant business like him, you need his expert advice by reading through this article.

Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan promotes some of the Latin American restaurants, especially that these are healthy and delicious options for food. Like Churro mania, a huge Venezuelan company that has opened in Puerto la Cruz, Florida and Texas, he hopes that it hits big in 2018. Most Latinos just love to eat doughnuts, and they easily fit in to their busy lifestyles. People too can choose to have an early dinner one evening, and squeeze in the doughnuts just before bedtime. If you have sweet tooth, you can eat flavored doughnuts while spending quality time with family.

So, to give you an idea on what food business to start with, here are some suggestions:

  • Late-night Restaurant, Café or Delicatessen

People in the Latin America have busy lifestyles. Sometimes, they need to squeeze in another meal just to fill in their famished stomachs. If someone wants to eat at night, perhaps to socialize with friends, a late-night restaurant will gratify their cravings. A café or delicatessen is also a great idea to enjoy food at night.

  • Street Food

Indian street food is getting into a big thing in Latin America. One can see food trucks offering pooris stuffed with zingy vegetables and muzzled in Indian relish. You can also try other options that you think the Latinos and Europeans will love to eat. This then will have you set out your own street food van.

  • Health Food

People are now turning more conscious with what they eat. They want to eat healthy options other than staple food. Choose a list of items for your menu to entice people to come to your business. It’s a way to having them start eating healthy.

So, if you want to start a restaurant business just like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, these three options can help you. Learn to persevere so you’re certain it will be a hit in Europe and Latin America.