How Much Is The Fee Of A Criminal Defence Lawyer?

There are people who have been accused with a crime who are reluctant to hire a criminal defence lawyer because of the costs. Accused individuals require a lawyer to protect their rights and make sure that they are treated fairly and judged only based on reliable evidence.

Factors that affect a criminal defence lawyer’s fee

  • Complexity of the case – Criminal defence lawyers charge more for felonies than misdemeanours. The penalties for felonies are more severe and the lawyer has to make more court appearances necessitating a lot of paperwork.
  • Lawyer’s experience – More experienced lawyers require higher fees than their less experienced peers. Many defendants prefer a more experienced lawyer because there is greater possibility for the case to be resolved quickly and satisfactorily. A less experienced lawyer may charge lower hourly fees which can be expensive in the long run if the case is not resolved quickly and becomes unexpectedly complicated.
  • Geography – There are some parts of the country where lawyers charge higher hourly fees. Standard fees do not exist which means that lawyers can charge more for full representation.

Experienced criminal lawyers can anticipate the number hours that they are likely to spend on a specific case. Defendants who are billed by the hour will benefit more if the case is resolved as quickly as possible. If the case becomes complicated, the defendant can expect higher costs. It is important for defendants to get the lawyer’s good faith estimation of how long the case will likely take before agreeing to an hourly fee.

There are also experienced lawyers who provide full legal representation for a fixed fee. For example, a lawyer may set a fixed $1,500 fee for a DUI case regardless of how many hours it will take him to resolve the case. The lawyer will bear the risks of unforeseen circumstances at no extra cost to the accused.

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