How People With Disabilities Can Keep Up With Workplace Events

One of the most common events organized by companies is team building in Australia because it is believed to strengthen relationships between coworkers and beneficial for the business as a whole. Nowadays, employees know the struggle of keeping up with various workplace events from grabbing a drink on Fridays to Christmas parties.

According to Heidi Sundin, a strategy and diversity consultant, many thinks that socializing is nothing but petty interactions between coworkers but the truth is that it has strong consequences. These social events are the gateway for employees to know more about the people above them – supervisors and bosses. This is a way for them to open up about personal things such as their ambitions, current projects and interests in life.

The problem is that not all employees get to enjoy these events especially those that are known to have disabilities. For instance, those employees that are using wheelchair are not able to come to some events because the venue is inaccessible for them. There are also activities that were designed only for the able-bodied such as sports.

This is why a disability inclusion campaign is starting to be pushed forward by those who know the struggle. Events are now catering to the specific needs of their guests such as their dietary requirements but only a limited number is actually asking about accessibility. This is why it is important for those with disabilities to speak up during discussions about future events.

Many are not aware and do not ask because they have never tried being disable before but those who have been living as one knows the challenges. Therefore, it is the task of those who know to share their knowledge.

Disabled employees should be included in companies organizing team building in Australia but it will only be know if the issue is raised. Do not be afraid to ask questions regarding the venue or the activities to remind them to include what is recommended for people using wheelchairs. On the employers side, they should make sure proper training is provided to educate people about disability awareness.