How To Deal With Bed Bugs Inside A Food Establishment

Households and businesses can ensure that their premises are pest free through pest control in Brisbane that will deal with the unwanted bed bugs and rodents using the most effective and safest methods. Pests are major problems for homes but more so with food establishments. This is because bed bugs can be carried inside the premises by the employees themselves whose homes are infested.

According to Bennett Jordan, Copesan Director of Technical Support and Regulatory Compliance, bed bugs cannot fly and neither do they live in the external environment. In order to travel from place to place, they have to be carried by people as well as belongings. Bed bugs are usually active at night when people are sleeping. They come out from their hiding places and feed on the blood of sleeping or resting humans.

It is very likely to find bed bugs in upholstered furniture. When people unknowingly sit there, they become the carriers of the bed bugs inside a food facility. Instead of returning to their normal hiding place, they will find their way inside jackets, purses, backpacks and luggage until their reach the work station.

It is very likely for employees to inadvertently carry the bed bugs in their belongings to places like locker rooms, break rooms and waiting rooms. However, the environment in the food processing area is not friendly to bed bugs. It is very rare because bed bugs prefer blood meals. However, they could be dropped by carriers to the facility.

The most common monitoring device for bed bugs is sticky traps but it is not particularly effective when infestation is at low levels. It is very likely for employees to notice the bed bugs and report the sighting. A pest control provider can be calledon to carry out proper extermination. It is also crucial to locate the carrier in order to prevent further re-introductions.

Bed bugs can be a bigger problem than what many people think. It is important immediately deal with best bugs through pest control in Brisbane and prevent them from recurring. Pest control experts also deal with termites, ants, cockroaches, spiders, wasps and rodents.