How To Distinguish Waterproof Stickers In NZ

People often have a question when stickers are considered waterproof. It is best answered depending on the materials used. Sticker materials using cardstock or paper are not waterproof. However, you can add plastic laminate or water-impermeable coatings to make it water-resistant. A cardstock or UV coating for instance adds water-resistance on the sides where it’s applied. Stickers with adhesive may dissolve or degrade in water and is not considered waterproof. Stickers using water-soluble inks and pigments are not considered waterproof as well. So, let’s try to determine what waterproof stickers in NZ are.

To make stickers waterproof is to use materials, inks and adhesives that are capable of surviving immersions for a long period. The two most common materials used for waterproof stickers in NZ are vinyl and BOPP or biaxially oriented polypropylene. When stickers use these materials, they will need waterproof adhesives. But as sticker makers can vary and have their own style, it’s uncertain when to tell the stickers are waterproof. To determine such, you need to test the stickers with water.

To know and test waterproofing with the stickers, you need to check with your sticker printer or provider. There are many printers that can provide you with this need, especially when you check the Internet. They can give you free stock samples that can be tested for waterproofing. Just ensure you’re dealing with reputed ones, so you can get genuine products.

Waterproof Versus Water-resistant

Waterproof and water-resistance are two different terms in printing. A waterproof sticker will serve its purpose even when immersed in water for a long time. For water-resistant stickers, they will degrade in a short period, especially dependent on the materials being used. You can think of “waterproof” as impermeable to water, while “water-resistant” can be a quality assessed on scale.

If you check out some sticker materials that use a variety of cardstock and paper, they can be significantly water-resistant. To improve the quality, you can add some coatings. However, water-resistant stickers may result to moisture and make them inappropriate for applications where extended submersion or exposure to moisture are required. This then will need you to check some waterproof stickers in NZ that can withstand immersions.