How To Integrate Reviews In The Advertising Campaign

Digital advertising has suffered so much because consumers no longer trust marketing and advertising the way they used to. Consumers prefer to hear the voices of others to guide them with their purchasing decisions. They trust reviews like recommendations from their family and friends. This means that businesses must integrate reviews into their advertising campaigns.

According to a 2017 study, consumers read at least 10 reviews before making a purchasing decision. Current customers’ experiences can be highlighted on the website’s key pages like the homepage, product pricing, checkout, and post-click landing pages. When visitors read the reviews, they are encouraged to complete a purchase.

Search engines rank websites based on how well they optimize listing. They also monitor what consumers are saying about a product or service. The number of reviews and star-ratings show useful feedback information to search users and enhance the visibility of the website on search engines.

Since most consumers monitor what is happening in social media and what their friends they are saying, it is important to showcase customer feedback on social media platforms. Third-party validation when shared on social media can increase a brand’s credibility, boost engagement and grow the company’s bottom line. For example, a third-party website can highlight the star ratings and number of reviews that a brand has recently received.

A digital marketing agency recognizes king kong advertising reviews as a great way to showcase its services. The company encourages clients to leave reviews based on their personal experience with the brand. The reviews allow consumers to know what to expect when they become customers.