How To Properly Control And Manage Termite Infestation

It is common for many properties to host different pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas or termites. They keep on spraying insecticides to no avail because there are pests that have developed a resistance to chemicals. The best option is to schedule an inspection with a national pest control company to check the property and design a plan to control and manage the pest population.

Termites love to feast on buildings located in communities along the Gold Coast. Most homes have stickers under the kitchen sink or cupboards with the date of last termite inspection. Swarming often begins in spring but termite infestation can happen at any time. It is not uncommon for the glossy brown insects to be found on the tree stump in the backyard because they love to feast on cellulose, a component of the plant cells in the wood.

There are 3 types of termites that can be found in south Texas region. The most common is the subterranean termite; however, in some parts of Harris County, there are invasive Formosan or drywood termites.

It is difficult to notice signs of subterranean termites because they dwell entirely underground. The only time that they come above ground is to look for wood that they can feast on. Formosan termites that came from southern China also live underground but once they find a tree trunk or large wooden structure to attack, they will build nests as they hollow the wooden shell. 

Drywood termites live in dry wood like wood shingles and eaves that are found farther above ground. Exterminators use a different treatment for drywood termites because of the preference for higher and drier ground.

Subterranean termites can enter the home through small openings. They can find a fissure or crack in the foundation to reach the interior. You will never notice that your home hosts termites until you have a swarming.

A swarm does not mean you have a termite infestation but it is better to call the national pest control company to examine the home and design an appropriate method to eliminate the pests. The home will be protected from a terrible situation where you need to spend thousands of dollars in repairs.