How To Protect Yourself When You Are Wrongly Accused Of A Crime

It has become quite common for a person to be wrongly accused of a crime that he did not commit. It is very likely that a witness has identified a wrong person or certain circumstances have led to police to believe that the innocent person has committed the crime. If you are being investigated or charged for a crime that you did not commit, the first step is to call a criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible.

Important things that you should do immediately

It is crucial to gather all the physical evidences associated to the incident like clothing, videos, photographs and other items. If the crime is finance or business-related, gather all documents like letters, emails, financial records, legal records and other records that will show where you, who you are with and what you were doing during the time of the incident.

Make a list of all the evidences from the crime scene that exists like documents, objects, blood and bullet casings before they are taken away from the scene. Do not forget to make a list of possible witnesses. These are the persons who have likely witnessed the incident, who have information about the incident or knows the victim. All the information you have gathered may be used by the criminal lawyer in proving your innocence.

Things that you need to avoid doing

If you have been wrongly accused of a crime, do not destroy any evidences that may hurt your case because it may cast you are being more suspicious and result to more criminal charges. Even if you are familiar with the victim, avoid talking to him as well as any witnesses. A criminal lawyer must always be present when you talk to law enforcement. Make sure to voluntarily submit yourself to testing like DNA tests but do not submit any evidences without consulting your lawyer.

It is very likely that you will receive suggestions from family and friends but the best source of advice and information is MyDefence who can evaluate your legal options. The criminal defence lawyer will investigate the case and advice you of the necessary steps that have to be undertaken to prove your innocence.