Importance Of Worker Safety In Cross-Border Trade

Current market challenges were emphasized during the coronavirus pandemic because cross-border transport goes beyond identifying the fastest and most efficient route to get cargo from Point A to Point B. Worker safety has become a more critical factor beyond ensuring that cargo arrives at its final destination on time. The safety of truck drivers is now at the forefront of cross-border trade because, without healthy drivers, products won’t move.

In the new normal, worker safety is paramount, particularly at the crossings. Trucking providers have set up different protocols internally to ensure that drivers are safe on the road and can perform their tasks. Proper coordination, communication, and ensuring that everything is in play is very important. However, coordination efforts are usually challenged depending on the region where the cargo is crossing.

There is usually a unique set of roadblocks in each region from customs to short and long-haul planning times. For example, the process of cross-border transport from the US to Canada is significantly different to US and Mexico cross-border transport. In the past, there has been more congestion between the US and Mexico but now that processing time has been improved, the right cargo is coming through.

Technology has played a very significant role in ensuring worker safety and efficient transport of cargo. Previously, when a truck crosses the border, the driver has to pull over, get out of the truck and hand the paperwork over. Nowadays, technology is not just an option; it is a requirement for the continuance of operations. Technology has paved the way for full paperless experience on both sides of the US and Canada.

Cross-border operations are at risk of more delays if the exchange of information and obtaining updated data is slowed down. Cross-border trade has been simplified and accelerated through customs collaborations and inter-agency communications. Trucks no longer have to stop at border crossings and they can go all the way through.

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