Indian Scuba Diver Mazharui Bari To Undergo Training In Phuket

Underwater diver Mazharui Bari—one of his kind in India— is set to attend a diving course to improve his scuba diving skills.

Trip to Phuket

The forty-seven year old diver will attend a scuba training session in Thailand for ten days. Organized by the Professional Association for Diving Instructors in Phuket, the training is one that Mazharui is looking forward to.

PADI Courses

The organization offers different courses like the PADI instructor course in Thailand, but Mazharui Bari is scheduled to attend its advanced PADI course for experienced and certified divers who already have the required diver qualifications.

His training is composed of two mandatory dives, and three other dives that he can freely choose. The thirty-metre dive and the navigation dive are the two mandatory parts of his training, while the remaining three can be chosen among several options, such as recovery diving, underwater naturalist, multi-level diving, underwater photography, boat diving, night diving, wreck diving, peak performance buoyancy, and drift diving.

The Professional Association for Diving Instructors

PADI provides the safest and most comprehensive instruction for people looking to improve their skills and earn certificates in diving. They offer a wide variety of diving courses such as the PADI instructor course in Thailand and other parts of the world.  Interested individuals may also consider PADI Scuba diver course as a relatively quicker way to earn your credentials in open water diving. The PADI Freediver course, on the other hand, is for those who want to explore underwater in peace, only relying on one’s own breath.

Their courses are performance-based, allowing their divers to learn and progress at their own pace. While completion usually takes from four to seven days, divers would neither be forced to something unsafe to hasten their progress, nor be allowed to earn their credentials unprepared.

The curriculum is composed of three main parts: the academics, the confined water dives, and the open water dives. The academics prepare the divers with the knowledge that they need to know. The confined water dives teach them scuba skills in pool-like environments under supervision, while the open water dives allow them to apply and enjoy what they have learned in open water.