Initiative Inhibiting Dumping Of Old Tyres Signed By Thousands Of Companies

In a statistics submitted by Denis Naughten, the Minister for the Environment, oven 20,000 farms have been suffering due to illegal throwing of old cars. This is why old tyre on the Gold Coast is monitored to ensure that illegal dumping is avoided.

One in every seven farms has experienced illegal dumping. There are a total of around 140,000 farms are located all over the State. Among the items that are commonly dumped are electrical kitchen products, old fridges, old tyres, cookers and domestic rubbish.

According to the Minister, they have already collected over 1,600 signs from tyre collectors, tyre producers and tyre retailers in agreement with a new regulation that will ensure illegal dumping is not practiced especially with tyres that are on its end-of-life state.

The program states that the current price of car tyre will be added €2.80 while motorbike tyres will be added with €1.50 in order to be used as funding for handling proper recycling of old tyres.

The previous month, they were able to do a clean-up operation and they caught around 200 tyres that have been dumped illegally in the area of Feather Beds located in the Dublin Mountains.

Authorities have been spending millions of euro annually just to manage all the tyres that have been dumped illegally.

Mr. Naughten also explained that they have already set aside €1 million which will be used by local authorities as they handle stockpiles that consists of old tyres.

The Minister is adamant that the new regulation is necessary in order to fight the illegal dumping of old tryes and he also pointed out that authorities have reported over 750,000 tyres that have been dumped illegally in various location in the country.

More than 20,000 farms are negatively impacted due to illegal dumping. This has been a big issue ever since and it should be solved right away in order to avoid more wastes from being thrown without proper handling.

The high number of signatures they received only shows that they wanted to see the change and follow regulation like an old tyre on the Gold Coast that undergoes proper recycling and handling in order to avoid waste problems.