Interesting Activities To Do In Sukhumvit, A Popular Area Of Bangkok

Sukhumvit is the longest road in Bangkok that is brimming with a lot of activities. Tourists flock to Sukhumvitto enjoy the most happening nightlife of the area with a number of red light districts and high end pubs and rooftop bars. Sukhumvit is also famous for shopping, the area has a number of upscale shopping malls that house retail showrooms of national and international luxury brands.

Owing to its popularity among the tourists, Sukhumvithas a wide range of hotels and guesthouses to suit the budget and requirements of different travellers. Families on vacation looking for a luxury hotel and book their stay at the lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvit that offers luxury at affordable prices.

If you are new to Bangkok and wondering about the attractions in Sukhumvit, here is a list of must-do activities in this exclusive locality of Bangkok.

  1. Visit Terminal 21

Terminal 21 is one of the coolest malls in Bangkok. The modern mall is themed on an airport and the different levels of the mall are designed to look like the famous shopping destinations from different countries. Visitors to the mall can wander through miniature versions of local attractions like Eiffel tower and golden gate bridge while touring the different enclaves of the mall. You can shop for some of the best designer brands and luxury items. The mall also has food courts and gourmet stores. The modern lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvitis just minutes away from Terminal 21.

  1. Walk through the Vibrant street markets

The street markets in Bangkok are popular for their energetic vibe and appeal. Visitors can shop for clothes, accessories, electronics and souvenirs sold at very cheap prices.

  1. Satisfy your food cravings

Sukhumvit has a host of dining options. Tourists can opt to taste the famous street food of Bangkok at the stalls that line up the roads or at the roadside carts. For more refined experience, you can visit any of the fine dining restaurants in the area. There are a number of restaurants that serve various menus like Indian, Arabic, Lebanese, Chinese and Japanese. The boutique lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvitis close to the famous street food markets such as Little Arabia.

  1. Enjoy the nightlife

Sukhumvitis well known for its nightlife. The area boasts of some of the best pubs and rooftop bars in Bangkok. Visitors to the city can stay at the lifestyle hotel in Sukhumvitand enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the area.