Interesting Benefits Of Acupuncture In Banstown Based On Science

Acupuncture is a kind of treatment where thin needles are inserted into the skin of a person at certain body points and in various depths. Although many people who have tried acupuncture treatment say that it helps solve their issues, it still remains a controversial matter among scientists and medical doctors in the West.

Most medical doctors do not prescribe acupuncture in Bankstown because they believe it is not a proven alternative to healing specific illnesses. However, despite this controversy, many people are still engaging in this kind of treatment for various reasons.

Here are claimed science-based benefits of acupuncture that a person is supposed to get:

  1. Eases an aching back

Scientific literature has documented that using acupuncture in Bankstown therapy has been effective in relieving chronic pain in the back and` acupuncturists believe this is the reason why people are getting this treatment.

  1. Soothes burning stomach

It is found out by Brazilian researchers that the therapy alleviated indigestion and heartburn in women who are pregnant. A study showed that more pregnant women who were given acupuncture therapy were relieved from their indigestion and heartburn than those who were not.

  1. Enhances the effectiveness of pharmaceutical products

A study made in China showed that acupuncture therapy combined with fluoxetine in low dosage is just as effective as having a full-dose treatment with the medicine for anxiety. Adding acupuncture therapy has reduced the side-effects of the drug.

  1. Counteracts radiation effects

Acupuncture therapy is found to have counter effects on radiation treatment of cancer patients. Although the acupuncture therapy did not ease up the symptoms of the patient, it helped improve the quality of the patient’s life after the treatment.

  1. Lessens persistent headaches

Another study on acupuncture therapy showed that the therapy brought great effects on the prevention of migraines and tension headaches. It is also effective in treating existing headaches.

  1. Stops obesity

Acupuncture therapy does not have a well-documented study on the issue of obesity as compared to the preceding examples, however, there is enough evidence to prove though, that acupuncture is an effective way in weight-loss treatment.

Many people resort to acupuncture therapy because they believe it is an effective way of reducing side effects of scientific medicines. Although this has to be resolved yet among Western medicine, those that have experienced relief from their ailments attest that acupuncture therapy can work.