International School Bangkok Renewing Partnership With International SOS

One of the more notable Thailand international schools, International School Bangkok, known for regularly sending its students on around 100 trips outside the school, some as much as three times annually. These experiential learning trips are aimed at getting students to go outside their comfort levels, in a safe environment.

To support this and other off-campus activities, the ISB has renewed their multi-year partnership with international travel firm, International SOS, a leading firm in travel health, safety and security risk management.

As part of the partnership, ISB staff and trip leaders will gain access to the ISOS’s resources and people; dedicated medical doctors, security specialists and experts, who can be called upon for risk assessments before trips, as well as immediate advice and assistance during trips.

ISB Director of Risk Management Mark Hevland says that ISB carries out a detailed risk assessment before going out on an outing, and the resources and staff; the ground-level expertise and global reach, that International SOS, which will provide greater accuracy and effectiveness to their risk assessments.

International SOS has been operating in Thailand for more than 3 decades, and has worked with the vast majority of the Fortune Global 100 companies, as well as embassies, NGOs, and, of course, major educational institutions. The firm works with around 500 schools in the Asia Region, in order to support their clientele’s student and teacher welfare agenda.

Nearly two decades ago, International SOS released their TravelTracker digital platform, which they designed to deal with the challenges faced by international organisations keeping track of their employees when the 9/11 attacks in New York happened. This award-winning platform lets these organisations keep track of travellers, providing tracking, contact and assistance. Many Thailand international schools, not just the ISB, have embraced the tool to help maintain their duty of care agenda, even as their students and faculty increase in mobility.

International SOS Thailand’s Robert Tyler says that by joining together award-winning tech and innovation with the expertise and experience of their staff, they can provide their clients with the necessary tools and resource to manage travel risk. Via their partnerships, they provide their clients some peace of mind, as well as something to fall back on in case the worst comes to pass.