Learning To Say No As A Time Management Skill

According to Robin Bernstein, a cultural historian, author, Harvard professor and chronicler of modern life, one effective time management strategy is to learn how to say no. However, saying no tactfully is not as simple as it seems. It is a skill that you have to develop because sometimes there are situations wherein saying no is not an option because the request is too intriguing to pass up.

According t Dr. Bernstein, the academe will not be able to function properly if every scholar refuses to serve on the committees to evaluate manuscripts and grants, write recommendations and suggestions and perform tasks without expecting any compensation. It is more frequent that you say yes that ultimately, saying no can be very important. If you say no to some of the requests for your time, you will be able to say yes to others. Every productive yes that you answer to a request depends on how many artful no’s you gave.

Dr. Bernstein said that she has found out that when people ask you to do something for them, they do not actually need you to do it because they only want the task done. There are also situations when you are not only the only person who they think can perform the task but only see you as potential in their checklist.

A lot of people do feel comfortable saying no to requests but in the face of increasing demands, learning to say no might be the best for proper time management. Guy Beaudin, a Toronto-based industrial psychologist, says that resilience is one of the most important skills of executive because sometimes workload cannot be reduced particularly in high pressure jobs.

The common tendency of executives is to schedule back-to-back meetings and commitments. At the end of the day, they are depleted and unfocused. Executives can be more productive and more energetic at day’s end through proper time management strategies.

There are time management tools that work extremely well and simple to use because they are practically automated and integrated with Gmail. Proper time management strategies allow you to schedule events in the Google Calendar with a reminder so that you do not have to remember everything.