Life Changing Results From Dental Braces

Dental braces are often associated to teenagers but it does not mean that an adult cannot wear the dental appliance to achieve a perfect straight teeth. The use of braces for adults can correct misaligned or crooked teeth at any age as long as the patient has good dental health. Modern adult braces are less conspicuous than the traditional metal braces.

Yuki Miyajima is freelance orthodontist who wrote a book about the Japanese tolerance for crooked teeth. Miyajima has made it his life work to encourage more Japanese adults and children to straighten their crooked teeth through braces or clear aligners instead of awkwardly covering their mouth when they laugh or smile.

Miyajima wants the Japanese to do away with their bashful smiles that are often mistaken as being timid. Instead of radiating happy smiles, the Japanese do not often show their teeth to people. If their teeth are straightened, they will be encouraged to smile more often.

In his book, “Polish your teeth rather than your English to become cosmopolitan”, Miyajima revealed the results of a 2012 survey made by a US affiliate of a Japanese maker of 3D scanners and mouthpieces that are used for orthodontic treatments. At least three quarters of the respondents have bad impression of Japanese teeth while 83% believed that straight teeth can contribute to a beautiful smile.

Meanwhile, a 2010 nationwide survey by Japanese Association of Orthodontics on 1,000 men and women between the ages 10 and 50 revealed that at least 50% lacked confidence on their teeth. In spite of the reluctance to get braces for adults, majority of the respondents said that teeth affect first impression. They also believed that persons with straight teeth exude cleanliness, better health and good upbringing.

The Japanese have not made efforts to correct their crooked teeth until recently. An increase in the demand for braces has been noticed among younger patients.

Adults no longer have to be self conscious when laughing, smiling and speaking because there are braces for adults with less noticeable clear brackets and wires. Crooked and misaligned teeth can be corrected anywhere from 1 to 3 years with results that are life changing.