LinkedIn Introduces LinkedIn Lead Generation Ad Offerings

When we are talking about gathering lead generation for marketers, in general terms, we are talking about advertising a business and is services or products which potential customers can avail from. To begin with, what is lead generation and why it’s very important to the marketing strategy of a business? Lead generation is first and foremost, a process of initiating a customer to get interested towards products or services that are readily available at a business establishment. To be able to extract a good amount of leads, marketers need to dig deeper. Leads can be extracted from personal referrals, by making phone calls, or, advertising materials that can be given away during multi-company events such as conferences and expos. Today, professional website LinkedIn has become an additional extracting point of professional leads for marketers because they can collect information from LinkedIn users, which have already reached 500 million in numbers around the globe Recently, LinkedIn announced the introduction of LinkedIn lead generation form- a revolutionary lead generating method that is helpful for both users and marketers alike.

How does it work? LinkedIn lead generation form enables users to automatically fill-up contact forms by using the same set of personal information that is saved from their existing LinkedIn profile. With these forms, the people behind LinkedIn promise high-quality leads every time from your sponsored content campaigns by eliminating the major problem to mobile conversion, making it easier to complete a form especially on a smartphone. In addition to this, this specific feature form LinkedIn provides more actionable information without those barriers. When a user clicks an ad, the user’s LinkedIn profile data will be automatically populated in an in-application form which ca be instantly filled up without the user actually typing the data needed either on the PC or on a mobile device and can be instantly submitted without worrying about any typographical errors which could lead to sending false information. Marketers who will use this feature from LinkedIn will be able to extract a comprehensive lead record which will include the user’s name, contact information, company where he’s working at, seniority, job title and other useful information.