Migrant Crisis Continue, Landmine Threats Warning

The Syrian refugees who survived the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea are facing another danger: landmines. One of the volunteer aid groups who are assisting the refugee crisis in the European borders is warning the refugees about the presence of Balkan landmines.

The aid agency tweet that safe and legal routes should be given to the refugees as they may inadvertently stray into the Balkan minefields when looking for new routes to pass through new border restrictions.

It is estimated that there are about 51,000 landmines still buried which are thought to be the remnants of the Balkan Wars. The report is according to the Croatian Mine Action Center. This war happened in the wake of the collapse of Yugoslavia during the 1990s. But the Croatian government assured that the minefields are explicitly market with huge signs. Some of the landmine fields are close to the border of Serbia where the refugees might be entering. The adviser of Croatia’s Office for Mine Action said that the government urges the migrants to stay on the road and not venture out further into the woodlands.

Trains going to Germany stopped

On Wednesday, there are some trains that are headed towards Germany from Austria which has actually been stopped by German Federal Police. The German train authority is currently waiting for clearance in order to allow these trains to move again. The reason behind why the trains were stopped was not immediately clear but the order came after a total of 180 people jumped off a certain train. Someone made use of the emergency brake in order to slow it down before the people jumped off. State police office said that the migrants may have jumped from the trains in order to avoid the established control points in the country.

Google matching aid donations

With the world rocked with the biggest migrant crisis since the Second World War, Google announced that it will give $5.5 million to aid the migrants. The amount matched the first $5.5 million donated by people around the globe making the total amount $11 million.