Military As A Main Manpower Source For Nashville’s Hiller Plumbing

In Nashville, plumbing, electrical and HVAC repair companies have had a difficult time with recruitment until they found out that the military is a prime talent pool. Nashville’s Hiller Plumbing considered Fort Campbell as the main source of manpower.

Former service members are on their hands and knees poking under the kitchen sink. They receive tips on how to ensure that the newly installed toilet is not leaking. Instructor DeWayne Wilcox tells them to flush the toilet several times to test the seal. He asks the trainees to take a paper towel and run it around the edges of the toilet. If it comes up dry, the task is a success.

Hiller Plumbing has a training facility on Murfreesboro Road where nearly every trainee is about to get out of the army. Markus Burns has just spent 6 years in the infantry and now he is training to become a plumber. He wanted to learn the trade because he knows that plumbing services have high demand. Many individuals have completed 4-year degrees but they do not know anything about plumbing.

Burns never considered that he will make a career in plumbing but when Hiller Plumbing approached him with the opportunity, he knew it was a way to make money when he leaves the army. He has a wife and daughter and he wants to work as a civilian.

Skilled trades have found out that former service members are perfect for civilian jobs like plumbing. They can replace the shortage when the senior plumbers retire. According to Jimmy Hiller, the company founder, it was very difficult to find qualified people for plumbing jobs. He is not too keen to recruit teenagers because soldiers are more suited to the job. They are disciplined with a certain mindset that is important for the job. They are also more motivated that other job applicants.

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