Mobile Apps And Artificial Intelligence To Enhance User Experience

Technology is growing at a very fast pace from the invention of computers and smartphones to the rise of artificial intelligence machines. Another area of technology that is growing in leaps and bounds is mobile computing. Because of the growing number of mobile users, companies are looking towards mobile app development to deliver a better user experience.

The mobile industry is expected to introduce more improvements by 2020. Even when artificial intelligence was still a far-fetched idea, technology is already being used through mobile apps. Artificial intelligence allow consumers to get what they want in a matter seconds because of intelligent machines. From the moment that an app is opened, AI will make user experience as smooth as possible.

One example is the app called LinkedIn. When a message comes through, the user has the option of clicking and reading the message. If the user decides to reply, AI will suggest things to write based on the context of the message. There are suggested responses that a user can click on without the need to type anything. More productive apps with AI assistance will make user experience better.

For a while now, Google has been focusing on mobile first indexing to encourage websites to become mobile friendly. Most users today have shifted from desktops and laptops to mobile phones. Google is currently taking steps so that mobile friendly websites will rank higher in search engine results. Features like easy to use buttons, quick loading time, proper formatting for ease of mobile use and other aspects can improve websites page rankings.

Companies are now pouring their resources to mobile app development to improve the mobile experience of their customers. Companies can show their customers items that are for sale and customers can choose how they want to communicate with the business. Most items are relevant to customers based on where they live and what they are prone to buy.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of off-the-shelf apps but since businesses have different requirements, a better option is mobile app development based on their specifications. Mobile apps can be developed for both Apple and Android devices so that users will have a better experience. There are developers of mobile apps that can overcome any development challenges for the changing expectations in the marketplace.