More Than Numbers Offers Various Services To Small And Medium Sized Businesses In Erina, NSW

Businesses, whether big or small, all have to take care of their year-end taxes. Computations for the year-end taxes are ideally done ahead with the help of licensed and professional accountants to make sure that the business is prepared to pay for it. More than Numbers, a professional accounting firm, is now offering assistance especially for small business owners.

Why small businesses

Small businesses that are just starting out often have difficulties in planning their finances especially at the start of their businesses. If the owner is rather new in the field, he or she may not be familiar with all the things that he or she should prepare, as well as services that she could acquire such as tax planning, tax audit insurance, loan and mortgage lending, cloud accounting, and more. This is why More than Numbers is offering their services to small businesses at an affordable rate.

“Build Your Business and Grow Your Wealth”

Greg Diamond, a partner for More than Numbers Erina in New South Wales, shares that the company was first established in 2000 with the goal of providing accounting services and rendering help in taxation especially for small to medium-sized companies. They not only strive to give the best financial results for their clients, but they also regularly visit them in their offices to better understand the business and how it works. He says that by doing this, More than Numbers is able to get to know the services, products, the financial situation, the staff, and operators of the clients. By understanding the entirety of the business, More than Words believe that they can provide the most suitable service for their clientele.


More than Numbers employs proactive professional accountants that would help deliver high-quality services to their customers. This is not limited to what the clients ask for: in fact, the more that they understand the business, the more their accountants help by offering additional services that they believe would best help the business. These services include, but are not limited to insurance packages, retirement planning, taxation and accounting services, succession planning, coaching, structuring services, tax audit insurance, and even loan and mortgage lending. The company offers so much more and is confident that in can deliver its services to various niche businesses as well.