Multi-Story Café In Saigon

Although Saigon already goes by its new name, Ho Chi Minh City, there are still many especially the older generation who calls it with its own name. Saigon is home to Bosgaurus, a multi-story café which was first opened for business on February 2016. The establishment is a modern mansion inside the Saigon Pearl neighbourhood that stands close to Saigon River. While there are many other established cafés in the area – Saigon Coffee Roastery, The Workshop and Shin Coffee – there are also people who prefer to have afternoon tea in Saigon inside well-known hotels.

Bosgaurus is 15 minutes away from the District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City yet many are taking the time to visit it because of two reasons, the good coffee they are serving and the beautiful aesthetics. The owner of the café, Nguyen Canh Hung, used to be an Engineer in Europe but he found his passion in roasting specialty coffee.

Prior to launching his own café, Nguyen decided to take up a number of SCAE courses and he also enrolled in roasting skill workshops in various well-known roasteries around the planet such as April Coffee Roasters, Boot Coffee and Maruyama Coffee. The name of the café came from a species of bison that originally came from Southeast Asia which is now an endangered species. It holds the same value as the café which aims to make sure that Vietnamese coffee continues to be offered in that side of the world.

The design of the café is far from the traditional Vietnamese café which uses wooden tables along with warm lighting. Bosgaurus, on the other hand, looks like a laboratory with its white and grey theme accompanied with glass walls and furniture made of stainless steel.

The typical coffees served at Bosgaurus are often light because Nguyen loves to highlight the complex flavour of coffee while making sure that the regional characteristics are not lost. The place is not for those who are looking for afternoon tea in Saigon but the best coffee experience prepared by talented baristas like Tran Han who won Vietnamese Barista Champion twice and Vu Tran Nguyen Anh who is the current Vietnamese Barista Champion.