Mustard Is Dominating The Tile Trend

There only constant thing is this world is change. It is true when it comes to fashion and interior design. The trends are changing every season and for this particular year, mustard yellow is the king of interior design. It dominates the industry from paints to indoor and outdoor floor tiles and even wallpapers. Many tile companies are already producing their very own version of the yellow tile to meet the demands of homeowners planning to remodel their kitchens and bathrooms.

The colour was included in the top 100 trending item in the online platform Pinterest for this year. It looks like many homeowners are willing to transform their homes with the addition of the mustard yellow colour.

According to Pinterest’s user researcher, Larkin Brown, they have seen a rise of 45 per cent in keyword search of the mustard yellow colour on the online platform for this year. He added that the demand only proves that many people are getting bolder when it comes to picking colours for their homes. Some are incorporating mustard through smaller accents while others are bolder as they try to paint their walls with the bright colour.

With the current obsession with mustard yellow, many are already keeping an eye on new tiles. Otto Tiles & Design was quick to deliver as they create their very own cement tiles in the mustard yellow colour. Each tile has been handcrafted with the talent of artisans that made it possible without the use of kilns, clay or even glazes as material. The company, however, made use of Turkish cement sand with only the best quality in the market. To create the mustard yellow tiles, they had to add colour pigments as well as natural stone granule.

To add the yellow colour, every tile undergoes hand pressing. As with every handmade product, flaws are inevitable like a small variation might be noticeable. While others might look at these outdoor floor tiles as something with imperfections, those who know the art of handcrafting will appreciate its unique charm which gives the flooring more impact. There are many designs to choose from including vertical, horizontal, triangles and even stripes.