New Recycling Sites To Open In The US Next Year

A joint venture is currently working on the launching of two new processing plants in the US in 2020, which will help out junk hauling Orange County and across the country, as these new plants will deal with hard-to-recycle plastics, creating outlets for lower grade materials. The new projects are expected to get at least $90mn worth of investment.

PreZero Polymers, a partnership between the plastics recycling companies, PreZero and ACI Plastics, will be opening a mixed rigids recycling facility, as well as film recycling plant, in South Carolina and, southern California, respectively. PreZero have stated that, given time, they’ll be expanding both plants to handle mixed rigids and films.

Project partners also stated that, once these two new facilities are up and running, they’ll be expanding across the US by creating new plastics processing plants in different locations throughout the country, helping junk hauling Orange County and the US at large.

ACI Plastics President Scott Melton says that the first two facilities are testing grounds for the concept, and that they’ll be looking at other markets and other kinds of difficult-to-recycle plastic materials.

The plant in South Carolina will be located at Westminster, and will act as an expansion to an ACI facility already present in the area. The expansion will operate with the aim of processing about 50mn pounds of mixed rigids annually, with the project costing around $10mn.

The facility will handle the shredding, washing, sorting, and pelletizing Nos. 2-7, and 3-7 plastic bales, that are made by materials recovery facilities (MRFs).

Melton explains that the Midwest has a ton of material circulating out there, and providing an incentive for mixed rigids collection lets communities get rid of them following the overseas market going spotty.

For Southern California, the facility will be located near Riverside, California, set to process about 25mn pounds of film annually, with room for additional expansion, if needed.

PreZero and ACI will use the facility for the shredding, washing, and pelletizing film for any junk hauling Orange County and across the state, which will then be marketed to the state’s reusable bag producers, as per state mandate.