New Train Service Between Toronto And Niagara Falls Offered By GO Transit

Commuters using the GO Train from Niagara Falls to Union Station and vice versa will have a new option because the train will now travel the route even on weekdays. This is a process Metrolinx has to undergo to begin its plan for expansion of the Lakeshore West line. This is good news for travelers going to take the Niagara Falls boat ride during the weekdays.

The move started Monday of this week which also happens to be the first day back to school as well as work for those who are living in Ontario. The announcement was made a month ago by the transit agency. As of writing, there is only one trip eastbound and the same for going westbound.

Anne Marie Aikins, the spokesperson of Metrolinx, said that it is just the start of their new service route and they are already planning to offer additional trips for regular service to give the passengers more options in the future.

Previously, for the weekday trip, it will start at 6:39 in the morning departing from West Harbour GO which is Hamilton but with the new service it will depart at 5:19 AM from the Niagara Falls and by 5:41 AM it will stop at St. Catharines before resuming the regular schedules and all the stops.

For the westbound trip, it will still start at Union Station which is located in the West Harbour. The train will depart at 5:15 in the afternoon and will arrive at St. Catharines by 7:22 PM. It is expected to stop at Niagara Falls at 7:47 in the evening.

Passengers with Presto card will only have to pay $19.80 for one way but those paying cash will have to pay $22.30.

Aikins did not disclose the total number of passengers that traveled during the first day from Niagara Falls going to St. Catharines. It was only shared that many were excited because it was the inaugural trip. Aikins added that when the train stopped at Toronto, it was already at full capacity. They are already prepared for influx of tourists taking Niagara Falls boat ride who might take advantage of the new schedule.