New York City As The Inspiration Of Map Makers

If you will look at cityscape art, you will notice that you are looking down at a city’s best features. Even in art form, you can’t help but notice that every building, landmark or street is arranged in their proper positions but with character, colour and embellishments. The artist creates a true representation of a city or location through carefully rendered details.

New York City has always been an attractive place for map illustrators. The city boasts of a recognizable street grid, intensely diverse population and an iconic ever-changing skyline. The city has provided an endless inspiration to cartographers and nowhere else will you find as many cityscape art filled with illustrations than New York City.

Those who are interested in the society and culture of a certain place are intrigued by map art. Since these types of maps are meant for entertainment and commentary, the map illustrator does not need to follow the rules of geography or cartography. Map illustrators can hand-draw a revealing view of a place at a particular time in its history.

According to Ian Fowler, map curator and geospatial librarian of The New York Public Library, traditional cartography is stuck within the limitations of scale and perspective and what people normally perceive in maps. Meanwhile map illustrations being an artistic representation of culture have more leeway and freedom to express how the map illustrator sees a certain place.

New York offers so many facets to the artistically inclined map makers. There are many new things to explore in the city for creative cartography. The fact is New York has inspired the creation of maps in different varieties making it the most mapped metropolis in the world. Map illustrators have complete freedom to create their true vision of the city.

Creating a standard map of a city is different from cityscape art that is considered as a true form of art. Aside from New York City, different cities across the world have been the subject of map illustrations. You can commission a cityscape from a map illustrator to provide your viewers something to admire and talk about. You can hang the piece of art on your walls to become the subject of conversations.