New ZX-6R To Be Released In 2019 For As Low As $9,999

For enthusiasts looking for Kawasaki motorcycles for sale, the new 636cc ZX-6R is now available, and it’s even cheaper than the 2018 ZX-6R where it was based from. The new model starts at $9,999, which is $1,700 cheaper than 2018 ZX-6R.


The Ninja ZX-6R Sportbike


The Ninja ZX-6R has been garnering awards and winning competitions in the past. In preparation for the next year, the company has decided to push it further with the newest Ninja ZX-6R sport bike. For those who are on the lookout for Kawasaki motorcycles for sale, this new model has a 636cc cooled in-line four-cylinder engine and advanced support features for its riders. Its newly improved engine will definitely make the performance better, and its new components would allow riders to experience a versatile motorcycle that would perform and live up to its expectations under any circumstance.


Its engine and chassis performance, while initially designed for races, are also optimized for street performance. This means that riders can have a wide range of experiences on it. The model it was based from enables it to perform in track riding, but after the changes for the motorcycle to be optimized for street riding, the middleweight motorcycle can be a great choice for day rides on winding roads as well.


It has idealized suspension components and improved support technology that would enhance the experience of anyone who uses it. It has newly improved performance and brand-new handling features that indicates Ninja’s evolution in terms of development and design.


Brand New Features


Some of the new features that this model has are its Euro4 Emissions Compliant Engine tuning, Kawasaki Quick Shifter standard, twin LED headlights and taillights, and optimized gear ration that would improve low-power usability.


Most bikes within these ranks are often 599cc, but this new model’s 636cc was possible with the help of the 67 x 45.1mm bore and stroke. The changes in its engines are expected to pass the standards set for Euro4 regulation while maintaining its peak performance on the road and any track there is.


Its transmission makes it easier for the rider to shift gear rations as well. Through its cassette style transmission, riders can reduce the set-up time for when they want to drive on tracks.