Organic Skin Care Demand Creating Entrepreneurs In Bengaluru

The demand for natural skin care products across the world is leading to new businesses and entrepreneurs popping up in order to meet the demand. Bengaluru, in India, this is particularly apparent, as new entrepreneurs keep popping up in the city.

One such entrepreneur is the 33-year-old Yasmin Khanbai, who works as a strategic manager for an oil and gas company on the weekdays. On the weekends, her job is to formulate handcrafted soaps, alongside other natural skin care products made from ingredients like vanilla beans and lemongrass.

Khanbai started this dual-career lifestyle a while back, and has since seen a monthly increase of 20% in sales for her products, marketed online. She notes that the city has a lot of working women in the 30-50 age range who are going into skin care, pointing to financial independence as the variable that lets them get new products.

Sahar Mansoor, 27, was once a policy analyst for a solar energy company in order to launch her organic personal care and lifestyle startup. She’s been operating for three years, selling products made from natural ingredients, like basilrosemary soap, coconut oil detergent powder, as well as organic toothpaste.

Mansoor explains the popularity behind natural skin care products, noting that millennials want them because it aligns with their values, as appropriate with the world’s increasing awareness of environmental issues and natural processes. Meanwhile, seniors like these products due to the fact that it makes them nostalgic.

Nidha Adeni, 35, found her own handmade soap brand, having spent time in the past as a marketing professional for various MNCs. According to her research, Bengaluru is a well-informed city where fitness and well-being is taken rather seriously, which is why eating organic and cleaner food is seen as important.

Other entrepreneur noted that the competition in the market is growing, with around 40 or more entrepreneurs. A few years ago, there were only a handful of brands operating in the space. Entrepreneurship, the others note, has grown in the segment within the past 6 years, with more and more businesses opening up in order to meet demand.