Phuket To Propose Long-Term Solution For Water Shortage Issues

According to the top officials in Phuket, they are planning to propose a water pipe that runs from PhangNga in order to solve the recurring problem of water shortage. Tourists and guests staying at Novotel in Patong might not have experienced the previous situation concerning water shortage but the same cannot be said with the residents of the area.

This decision came after officials have noted the recorded water level remains to be quite low even after a series of heavy rains in the province. For the month of July alone, there were many days of heavy downpour but after the readings were conducted by the Office of National Water Resources or ONWR, they found out that the water levels is still bordering low. These readings are done on the two major reservoirs of the island, Bang Neow Dum reservoir and the second reservoir is Kathu which is the Bang Wad.

For the Bang Wad reservoir, the usable water is only 600,000 cubic meters while its total capacity is over 10.2 million cubic meters. The Bang Neow Dum, on the other hand, contains 340,000 cubic meters of water when it can hold as much as 7.2 million cubic meters.

After one week of heavy rain, readings from the ONWR revealed that the Bang Wad reservoir only has 0.99 million cubic meters while the amount that can be used for domestic purposes is only 0.72 million cubic meters. Bang Noew Dam has 0.52 million cubic meters and only 0.41 million cubic meters can be distributed to residents.

According to the order of the Prime Minister last year, ONWR was already ordered to find a solution for the recurring problem of water shortage. The island of Phuket took the second spot for the province in danger of losing water supply before the year ends.

The office of provincial irrigation in Phuket has already revealed that they are proposing a long-term solution for the problem. They will construct a pipe from a water source in PhangNga going to the mainland. The residents and tourists staying at accommodations like Novotel in Patong will benefit from this project which is expected to cost 3.5 billion baht.