PM Wants To Open Bidding For Phuket Mass Transit System

Phuket is already moving forward with its plans for the construction of a mass transit system. With the increasing tourist arrivals booking villas in Phuket, having a proper transit network is more important than ever.

According to the MRTA or Mass Rapid Transit Authority, the Prime Minister has been urging them to make the bidding universal. The project is crucial based on the statements made by Prayut Chan-o-cha since the tram system will be servicing the province of Phuket, one of the most popular travel destinations in Thailand. It is expected that the construction of the mass transit system will cost around 35 billion baht.

Prime Minister Prayut’s statement was made during one of his visits in Phuket. His main intention was to check the progress of the construction. Pakapong Sirikantaramas, the governor of MRTA, said that the project will span 41.7 kilometers starting at Phuket Internationl Airport going to the intersection in Chalong.

Mr. Pakapong revealed that the PM made the statement after finding out that the MRTA decided to alter the design in order to lessen the impacts on the daily traffic. The altered design will have an effect on the budget as it is expected to cost 10 per cent more than the original funding. This is equivalent to an increase of 2 billion baht.

With regards to the latest order of the Prime Minister, the MRTA is trying its best to ensure the timely delivery of the new design. They are also creating a new proposal for the investment plan to be clearer prior to sending them to the committee appointed by the government which is in-charge of the PPP investment policy. The same investment plan will then be forwarded to the cabinet.

The MRTA is hopeful that before the year ends they will be able to receive the approval coming from the cabinet with regards to the design as well as the investment plan they are to submit. In a few years, tourists who are booking villas in Phuket will be able to enjoy the mass transit system for their convenience.