Pros And Cons Of Eating At American Restaurants In Hong Kong

If you are having second thoughts about eating at American restaurants in Hong Kong, here are the advantages and the disadvantages:


  • Faster service. Eating in American restaurants saves time because food is prepared ahead of time and cooking the dishes only takes a few minutes. This is ideal if you are already hungry or you have several other things to do for the day.
  • More affordable. When you eat in American restaurants, you can be sure for it to be cheaper compared to other cuisines such as French or Italian dishes. If you are going to check on the deals offered by American restaurants in Hong Kong, all the more you can save money for your meals.
  • Casual ambiance. Eating in American restaurants does not require you to wear suit and tie. You can wear your most comfortable dress and you will be served happily by the staff. If you go to a themed restaurant such as those with sporty ambiance, you can enjoy the sports amenities offered therein.


  • Unhealthy food groups. Some of the dishes offered in American restaurants are considered as junk. You have fries, bacon field burgers and deep fried chicken wings as predominantly considered to be unhealthy type of food. Although some American restaurants offer healthy options such as greens and salads, you still cannot be sure of the ingredients used in its preparation.
  • Big portions. Studies show that one of the reasons why a lot of Americans are overweight is due to the extra large portions offered in diners and resta Americans are fond of extra-large sodas, monstrous burgers, huge slices of pizza and all of these contribute to obesity and unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Questionable ingredients. When eating at American restaurants in Hong Kong, you do not know exactly what type of ingredients they use to make the food palatable. There are those who use too much salt and sodium on their food while there are those that use unhealthy oils and even used oil for frying. Most food in American restaurants are also higher in calories.