Providing Ideas On What A Nicolaudie Stick Is

If you have tried organising an event on stage and used complicated lighting systems for a nightclub, lounge or disco, the you must have heard about how Nicolaudie stick works. This stick is actually a DMX lighting controller used to operate several DMX lighting options for a very special party or in a nightclub, where several devices are switched on to produce special effects. This DMX fixture is used to comply with certain standards of lighting controllers. The various lightings are used in parties or stages, such as the movable lights, spotlights and strobe lights. LED lights and panels can also be used with this DMX lighting controller. The Nicolaudie brand will control movement and effects of various LED installations, video clip screens, laser lights and dance floors all fitted with LEDs to create a special effect.

The Nicolaudie stick is used to process or manage the DMX lighting controller software and hardware used for shows and constructing buildings. However, they cannot be easily operated with just one DMX control device for certain lights with multiple effects. They require more channels with the DMX controller.

In order for the Nicolaudie stick to work, lights and their different special effects must be installed in bars or nightclubs, so they create an extraordinary work of art, while being hooked and managed by the controller. How they work is having played by the DJ while being controlled centrally and working in sync with the music. The coordination must be unleashed as soon as the operator understands how to operate the lighting control device and has linked the outputs and inputs of the lights, installations and fixtures via the DMX controller. The stick is controlled by a software program installed in a computer or a disparate control panel.

It’s essential to comprehend the operation and functioning of the Nicolaudie stick or DMX lighting controller. There has to be a coordination as it can make or break the efficiency of the lights and installations in any lively event.  To know more how to use it, you can check online information and also see providers that offer such lighting controllers.