Rainbow Marriage Celebrated Through Sydney Festival

January 9, 2018 marks the first day that same sex couples in Australia are legally allowed to tie the knot. On the same day, Sydney Festival decided to organize a one-time citywide wedding reception in celebration of all the same sex couples that are formally going to seal their love by virtue of marriage. The event presented a good opportunity for wedding planner in Sydney to network with same sex couples planning to marry soon.

During the Sydney festival reception, guests were given the chance to soak in a swimming pool which bright pink. They are also given the chance to enter the 10 Minute Dance Parties hosted by J OF where they can dance their hearts out. They were able to role play as wedding singer and sing their favourite love songs while on board the very first Karaoke Carousel in the world. All of the activities were hosted for free.

The entire night there was wedding classics playing courtesy of DJ Charlie Villas who is also known as the good time merchant. Wedding cakes were displayed during the occasion after bakers were given the chance to showcase their creations. The bakers who pledged for the reception were M. Little Panda and Black Star Pastry. The cake from Black Star was pavlova cake with five layers representing a different colour from the rainbow. M. Little Panda owned by Annabelle McMillan, on the other hand, brought a vegan cake to the event.

Guests with the most beautiful wedding reception outfits are given champagne courtesy of Piper-Heidsieck. Sydney Festival was opened for everybody despite the years of debate and division when it comes to the issue of same-sex marriage.

The reception was held at the Meriton Festival Village located in Hyde Park where the festivities started at 6 in the morning until 8 in the evening. The venue is considered as the central hub of the Sydney Festival in the city. The Meriton Festival Village is where the Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent is located. This is also the location of the Village Slideshow. The huge reception gave wedding planner in Sydney a glimpse of what a same-sex couples wedding is like.