Recommended High Visibility Cycling Gear To Wear At Night

With the latest trends, it comes as a no surprise that the latest gear used for cycling are also as flashy. The flashy trend nowadays includes luminous jackets as well as laser lights. One more hour is added but it also mean that many of working class is now going to work while in the cover of darkness.

Commuting through the tube will not have that much impact since no sign of daylight will not as noticeable. Unlike those who cycle on their way to work. The dark can pose such a great risk that it is necessary to have the latest high visibility gear suited for the season.

There are a lot of options when it comes to biking gear. For people who are in London, the number one choice would be the Reflect360 line offered by Proviz. The best selling cycling jacket from the brand has been revised to improve its breathability. The external part of the jacket may look grey but once hit by a light source, it automatically transforms into a very reflective material. Proper ventilation is provided with the help of flaps and the good news is that there are sizes available for both men and women.

One of the latest products introduced by Proviz is their switch reflective jacket and vest which is reversible. This makes it a good choice for both day and night wear since one side is reflective while the other side is highly visible or in black color. In terms of warmth, the layer is doubled but there is enough ventilation. The product is also quite durable given the double layering.

For people who are looking for waterproof jackets with hood, Rapha has them and is available in various normcore nave shades. The tabs located at the cuff are reversible with stripes that are highly visible as well as the tail which can be dropped down at will for more coverage.

Another genius invention is the Blaze Laserlight that provides ample space for the cyclist by creating a symbol on the road to notify other drivers.

There are many products to choose from, aside from the ones mentioned, depending on the need of the cyclists.