Recommended Treatments To Achieve Perfect Teeth

There are many reasons why one would require the help of a cosmetic dentist when it comes to achieving the perfect smile they dream of. It could be that one tooth is wonky or was a victim of an accident leading to a dead tooth. There are different types of dental treatment available nowadays. Others can be done in a single visit while others might take months and years such as wearing braces.

For simple problems, cosmetic dentistry is the recommended path for many patients. It also takes away the misconception that having perfect teeth means you must have a lot of money. One of the top recommendations from cosmetic dentists is the composite bonding. This is often employed on patients with a slight chip on the tooth or if it just looks a bit misshapen. The method of composite bonding is not invasive and it does not require one to have crowns, veneers or wear braces. Using resin that matches the patient’s teeth, the chipped tooth is fixed and gaps are filled.

A dead tooth turning a sad shade of grey does not mean it cannot be saved. Internal bleaching can be performed after a root canal. The whitening process is made possible with the use of peroxide-based materials. Compared to traditional whitening method, internal bleaching is more invasive but the end result is long-term and solves the problem better than the alternative.

If you have receding gums, gum grafting is the solution. This mouth problem is often due to gum disease, incorrect brushing or over brushing. It can lead to sensitive teeth because the root is already exposed. For those suffering the opposite which is often called a gummy smile, gum laser can solve the problem by lifting the gum to expose more of the teeth.

A perfect, white smile can be delivered by a cosmetic dentist through chair-side whitening. This is something that no dental products or kit can do. The dentist will perform an advance dental procedure using bicarbonate powder in order to eliminate tartar, stains and plaque which will leave teeth polish and sparkling. This can be done in a single session and the result is instant.