Responding To Reviews Can Improve ROI And SEO

Nowadays, it seems that almost everyone has an opinion with a burning desire to share the opinion with the world through online reviews. If you will look carefully at King Kong SEO reviews, you will notice that the employees are very proud of the digital company. The reviews are endorsements of trust and credibility which boosts the business online visibility.

Recent data reveals that quick service restaurants (QSR) are the most reviewed businesses today together with hotels and other entities in the hospitality industry. According to Lee Zucker, Yext Food Service Head of Industry, between 2015 and 2018, the world has experienced at least 600% increase in reviews with most of them going to QSRs.

The result of the overwhelming number of reviews is the coveted “star rating” particularly the 4-star that pushes a brand to best category. However, the average star rating for QSRs is below 3.49 because of the fact that only 58% of the reviews are actually positive.

According to Zucker, brands have the power to change the trend of less-than-favourable reviews and their related star ratings. A brand can make a personal and respectful response to a negative review. One example is Jack in the Box that has hired a 3rd party company to handle responses.

Adrienne Ingoldt, VP of Marketing Communications of Jack in the Box explained that the business receives millions of reviews which can be difficult to handle and manage. Since consumers expect a response, they hired Yext to handle the activity. The 200 lowest performing locations were identified and in the first few months, 52,000 reviews received a solid response.

Mutts Canine Cantina owner Kyle Noonan reminds restaurateurs that there are real people behind the reviews and negative reviews can erode a team’s confidence in some way. Some take negative reviews personally but lack of response will result to loss.

Obtaining first rate King Kong SEO reviews is very critical to business success. Reviews can identify the brands that deserve respect. In terms of SEO, reviews can drive the website to much higher search results. However, response is very important whether the review is positive or negative because consumers like businesses that interact with them.