Restaurant Rating Downgraded To E Due To Cockroaches

Nobody wants to find cockroaches inside the home because they are carriers of various diseases. Cockroaches reproduce quickly that you will be astounded at their numbers hiding behind the walls. Since the home is an ideal breeding place for cockroaches, your best solution is to seek the services of pest control in Sydney to eliminate the pests and prevent re-infestation.

Nando’s a popular family restaurant in Auckland was forced to close for two days because of cockroach infestation. When food inspectors from Auckland Council found cockroaches at a wooden bench top inside the restaurant during a pest control inspection, they ordered the restaurant to be shut down.

Nando’s outlet in West City Waitakere also received an E-rating. It was a huge drop from the previous A-rating and falls short of the standards that consumers expect from restaurants. Nando’s must display the food grade certificate so that customers will be informed of its quality and hygienic standards. A spokesman from Consumer NZ said that consumers have the right to know whether food is prepared in the most hygienic conditions.

According to Garth Parker, Nando’s New Zealand general manager, they have replaced the cockroach-infested benchtop and a pest control company was called to provide preventive treatment. During the closure, restaurant staff conducted a more detailed cleanup. The cockroach incident was an isolated case and does not risk the safety of its customers.

All other Nando’s outlets have A-grade certifications. It will take the West City outlet at least 90 days before it is re-graded. The restaurant however is confident that it will be reinstated to A-grade status because all the issues that were revealed during the inspection were fully resolved within 24 hours. The restaurant was re-opened the following day and re-inspection reconfirmed that there were no issues related to food safety.

Cockroaches are very good hiding and it important to call pest control in Sydney to provide proper treatment before the problem blows out of proportion. Cockroaches have natural protection against over-the-counter insecticides and you will be fighting a losing battle against the pests if you do not use the right pest control techniques.