Rise In Violent Crimes Considered A National Emergency

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Sara Thornton, one of England’s most senior police officers called for an emergency funding and the convening of Cobra meeting to be held in Whitehall so that the rise in violent crime can be tackled. There has been a recent spate in violent stabbings that involve young people. Thornton wants these to be treated as a national emergency.

When there is an emergency, key people must meet to solve the problem. It not only about the creation of policies, it involves organizations and agencies and of course, emergency funding. The mayor of London Sadiq Khan welcomed the idea of convening cobra to urgently improve cross-government efforts that will tackle violent crime.

At the BBC Radio 4 Today program, Thornton said that a strong leadership in the government is very important because there is no proper funding. No one is being held accountable for the broad strategy. It is very evident that the rise in violent crime is linked to the cuts in police numbers. However, Theresa May claims it is the contrary.

Thornton said it is a fact that fewer police officers are actually doing policing even if there is lots of crime. It takes the police longer to respond to emergencies. They are arresting less people so that the violence and killings have not stopped. There must be more officers on the streets using tactics to target hotspots. Officers must be able to build relationships with local communities.  There must be more money to pay for overtimes and mutual aid between forces.

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