Robotics And Artificial Intelligence In The Logistics Industry

Many companies require technical installation solutions that are done with the highest degree of quality. Quality technical installation is one of the services offered by full-service logistics providers. Advanced installation services are implemented to ensure compliance to local requirements.

Berkshire Grey, A Boston-based AI and Robotics Company intends to help large players in the retail, ecommerce and logistics industry in applying intelligent automation that will handle Amazon’s impact on shoppers. The robotics company offers a growing menu of robotic fulfilment solutions. The company did not provide details on the solutions offered but they are based on artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, novel sensing and robotics.

In a video, the solutions automatically pick up, pack and sort individual items, inner packs, cases and parcels for replenishment of ecommerce and store orders. The solutions guarantee higher accuracy and throughput speeds compared to traditional approaches. The video also shows a wide array of capabilities that include mobile robots, stationary robotic picking arms and suction cup end effectors.

However, Berkshire Grey is entering an extremely crowded segment that includes well established logistics robotic automation providers like Grey orange, Locus Robotics, 6 River Systems, Fetch, inVia Robotics and Geek+. However, the company can handle stiff competition because of its roster of advanced technologies and well known financial backers.

Berkshire Grey has a unique approach to robotic picking that is based on industrial robots deploying machine learning techniques to ensure fast and accurate operations. The mobile robots can work together with linear shuttle robots that have been optimized with commercial robotic arms. The mobile robots can serve inventory and order containers to robotic pick modules that are surrounded by existing customer infrastructure that includes manual storage, automated storage and retrieval systems.

Berkshire Grey wants to solve the real challenges in the ecommerce and logistics industry through commercial grade technology that is light years ahead of the competition. The market for ecommerce order fulfilment is large and there is definitely room for more.

Meanwhile, companies can expect technical installation solutions from specialist logistics providers that use advanced systems. Quick installation of high tech equipment is carried out through the most appropriate tools, specialist handling equipment, power pushers, scissor lifts and stair robots.